Vera Corda


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released September 23, 2016

"Vera Corda" was recorded @ The Nook Studio in New Lenox, IL in April of 2016.
Engineerd, Mixed and Mastered by Nick Nativo
Produced by Luca, Jeff Krause and Nick Nativo
All songs written and recorded by Luca
All lyrics by Rob Tomasek
Additonal lyrics by Peter Brankovic on "Coda"
Additonal vocals provided by Peter Brankovic and Jeff Krause
Album art, design and layout by Chris Costa (



all rights reserved


LUCA Chicago, Illinois

We are LUCA. Melodic/Post-Hardcore from Chicago.

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Track Name: Vera Corda
The cold wind, it breaks my skin.
Exposing the wounded man I've become.
I never felt more hollow on the inside, in a world that's lost its humanity.
The brighter the flame the deeper that shadows grow.
Consuming what is left us.
I will find hope in courage to take back my life.
Embrace the passion that burns inside.
Let love set us free, cast out the hatred in our hearts.
Breathe in, begin again.
If we ban together I know we can repair these ailing bones.
Track Name: Passerby
I am a passerby, trying to find meaning in this life.
I told you I needed to go wherever the wind would take me.
From high above the trees, to grazing the waves in the sea.
I'm seeing life from a new perspective.
These mountains I climb, treacherous and hard at times.
But that's life, fighting for what you love and where you want to be.
So I'll fight, protecting the fire that burns inside
Because I know it's worth all of these hardships that I'll endure.
I am a passerby, trying to spread inspiration in this life.
Can we go back to the days of golden promises
With a clear mind and honest heart.
We'll get back to the days of golden promises.
Track Name: Change
I bare the curse of a broken man.
Holding fragments of my past in my hands.
Can't piece the back together, can't find my way out of this hell.
You abandoned the honest hearts we once carried.
Setting fire to everything we created.
I let myself get lost in your wildfires.
And I watched you change.
I watched you waste away.
Whenever I fall, I look for your hand to pick me up.
Keep me safe and sound
As time went on I watched you change, watched you waste away.
I watched you fucking waste away.
Let the corruption keep you.
I hold these fragments in my hands.
They're stopping me from being a better man.
The person you used to be, isn't behind those worn out eyes.
You gave into change, let you waste away.
I watched you waste a fucking way.
Track Name: Coda
Watching you in the stars that night
So eerily through the sky so bright
It opens me up to the world
A world of honest hearts, I'm told
Picking me up and dragging me down
Taking me to a place to drown
This isn't the end
Not for me, not for you and not for we
The sound you make through the cracks
Comes seeping through at long last
My life it toils in the space
You left for me to look and trace
These honest hearts are here to stay
Breaking through this tired state
My heavy eyes flood the gate
Your voice
Gets lost inside the wind
I need another compass to
Show me the way
Unlock this truth
Was it always worth what you told me
What it always worth the lies you spat before you left
Make a wish a single wish
Long ago that little bliss
Feeling my eyes sinking in
For what its worth you will not win
Falling over winds so tight
I will not lose my will shines bright
My honest heart is here to stay
Even through your words that sway
Track Name: Spirited Away
I always wondered where we'd be
If you never slipped under the cracks in our foundation
And I still carry the honest heart you tried to burry
As I watched you curse my name.
The whispers in the wind guide me home,
To a place that I can call my own.
And the light inside your heart,
It flickers and fades
But these memories they live on
The memories of you have left me spirited away
You speak my name
Your voice gets lost in the wind,
I've grown tired of this hell you left me in.
Ashes and embers dance up towards the sky
As I watched the home we built together burn to the ground
It was in that time I felt like I lost myself
And its in the wind I retained what was lost
With the wind at my back, I'm ready to go home
With the wind at my back, I feel anew
But theres something thats always gonna be missing
And im still searching for what was lost
And Im still waiting for what you've taken from me
And I feel I'll never get it back
I'll never be the man I used to be
With all the love I felt in my heart,
You've left me... spirited away.
You speak my name
Your voice gets lost in the wind,
I've grown tired of this hell you left me in.
The whispers in the wind, they guide me home
To a place that I can call my own,
My home.
Track Name: Modern Pain
These fragments I hold.
They shatter when the skin rips to the bone.
I've been searching for everything you've taken from me.
I'm out of step with the world,
Can't keep my composure from going under your waves.
But my past has left me calloused,
My body is withered and damaged
My spirit lives on searching for the beauty in this life
To repair these broken bones.
Let the waves settle and I'll get back up
There's more to life than drowning yourself in defeat.
Won't let you get the best of me.
But I'm still searching for the beauty in this life
To repair these broken bones
Or watch myself fade
And I know I'll never measure up to the man that you need me to be
I spend my days in a slow decay, fading away
I live this life of modern pain
Track Name: Gifted
Tracing steps towards the direction of who I need to be,
Forever searching for the strength that you saw in me.
Still living with your ghost everyday, and the memories you gifted me.
I will lay down my pride just to hear you call my name,
And wash these doubts from my head.
You gifted me love, you gifted me light
And after all these years, I am grateful.
I'll pick myself on my feet and find a way back into your heart
This love I have to give, this love you gifted me.
It echoes on for centuries
Track Name: Cold World Blues
Give me fire, give me aggression
To keep the flames inside burning on
Plagued with a lifetime of depression,
Clear these black clouds from my head.
Constantly searching for a purpose among the lifeless,
They have no spirit.
In a cold world they leave their honest hearts behind,
Hoping the fire still burns inside.
Will it burn inside your heart.
They say the heart is a heavy burden,
We'll keep it beating and we carry on.
I am miles away from who I need to be
This is who I am and this is who I'll always be.
This is who I am...